Summer Floral Blue Cognitive Cube

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The unique characteristic these soft cognitive cubes have is a large plastic waterproof bell inside them, making them a rattle toy that your baby will love + won't get enough of.

They have loads of tags that will enhance cognitive, sensory + fine motor skills for your baby to play with + chew on in lots of different sensory textures. Including smooth satin, soft velvet + corrugated grosgrain, giving your child hours of entertainment + educational play.

These large plush cubes measure approximately 12cm by 12cm by 12cm (5inch x 5inch x 5inch) + the ribbon tags come out a further 2-3cm's (1inch). 

They are made with 2 unique contrasting pattern sides, 3 solid colour sides + a soft white minky side that will provide children with added sensory development as well as the contrasting colours enhancing eye + neurological development in children.

Several sides of our cognitive cube have beautiful characteristic beech wood pieces that are all naturally anti-bacterial + eco-friendly as activities that offer babies + toddlers something fun + exciting to play with, encouraging all stages of development.

One side has a sliding + grabbing activity with two small beech wood rings that can be pushed + pulled + chewed on, encouraging fine + gross motor skills, cognitive development + providing teething gum relief. 

On another corner are two beech wood beads that are triple stitched on TWICE, ensuring safety for mouthing babies + toddlers, + they just love moving them around + up and down the ribbons. 
There is crinkle plastic on one side that when squeezed, grasped, scrunched + touched makes a light crackling sound encouraging auditory development + neurological development + babies to learn + enjoy the idea that they themselves are making the sound with their touch and play. 

At the top of the cube is a large beech wood ring which allows children to independently carry their cognitive activity toy around + allowing you to easily hook it onto a toy bar or pram on the go. This feature enhances pincer grip, gross + fine motor skills+ can be chewed on to relief sore teething gums as well as encouraging jaw development.

 They are filled with a safe durable toy filling that is fire resistant + safe to submerge in water for cleaning. The rattle bell inside is 100% plastic +  sealed tightly so it can also be easily washed + won't retain water of any kind. 

 All the wooden pieces on our products are lightly coated with a certified organic blend of 100% natural botulism free bee's wax + olive oil to enhance the wood hygienically + increase durability. 

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